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Omri Katz

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The Resume

    (May 30, 1976- )
    Born in Los Angeles, California
    Birth name is Omri Haim Katz
    Played J.R. Ewing's Son on Dallas (1983-1991)
    Played the lead, Marshall Teller, in the TV series 'Eerie Indiana' (1991-1992)
    Acted in 'Dinosaur City,' 'Simon & Simon,' 'Matinee,' and 'Dallas: J.R. Returns'
    Best known as Max Dennison in the Disney cult classic, 'Hocus Pocus' (1993)

Why he might be annoying:

    He started out doing TV commercials at the age of three.
    His big break came playing Larry Hagman's illegitimate son on 'Dallas.'
    His early 90s career revolved around his being a second-hand Michael J. Fox.
    He only attained mainstream popularity as the star of a film that attained a cult following a full generation after his retirement.
    Interestingly, he only even got the part of Max Dennison after Leonardo DiCaprio passed on it.
    At the time of its release, his work in 'Hocus' was almost universally panned by critics.
    For example, James Bernadelli complained 'Omri Katz is a bad choice for the hero of this piece... Everything that happens in [the film] is essentially his fault.'
    He and the other kids on the film apparently disliked working with the multiple cats used to play the Zachary Binx character (they disliked having to bribe each one with treats every take).
    He pretty much retired from film-making into the late 1990s, although he did briefly resurface as the star of a ten-minute 'sex short' released on YouTube, in 2006.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He plays the drums.
    He's the son of Israeli immigrants and is fluent in Hebrew.
    He guest starred on an episode of Freaks and Geeks.
    He won the Soap Opera Digest Award Outstanding Youth Actor in a Prime-Time Soap Opera for his work in 'Dallas' (1984).
    He kept a level of head and knew exactly when to leave the industry.
    Following his retirement he stepped into a very successful career as a hairdresser in Los Angeles.
    His name in Hebrew collectively means 'sheaf of grain' (Omri) and 'descendant of a priest' (Katz).
    Part of the appeal of his 'Max' character to later audiences seems to be that he never took the role 'too seriously' and seemed to just 'have fun with it' (his 'burning rain of death' move played on the 'Sanderson Sisters' tends to turn up on fans' lists of 'favorite moments').
    He got along great with his 'Hocus' co-stars, with Vinessa Shaw (who played his girlfriend Allison) saying 'Omri's such a cool dude. We were best buds ... He didn't make me feel nervous at all. Anything that was tension-building, we'd just laugh.'

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