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The Resume

    (September 18, 1927- )
    Formerly known as Columbia Broadcasting System
    Went on the air as the Columbia Phonograph Broadcasting System with 47 radio stations
    First broadcasted television in 1939
    Owned by Viacom, Inc.
    Shows include 'Everyone Loves Raymond,' 'CSI,' 'Survivor,' 'All in the Family,' 'Gunsmoke,' and 'I Love Lucy'
    Late night shows hosted by David Letterman and Craig Kilborn
    News anchored by Dan Rather
    Nicknamed the 'Eye Network' and the 'Tiffany Network'
    Flagship station is WCBS-2 in New York City

Why CBS (TV Network) might be annoying:

    The 'C' in CBS stands for Columbia, which hasn't had anything to do with the network since 1988 (when CBS sold Columbia Records to Sony).
    It is owned by Viacom, which also owns MTV and VH-1.
    Because of its tie-ins with MTV, it allowed MTV to produce its Super Bowl half-time shows.
    It cancelled the 'Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour' because they spoke out against the Vietnam War.
    It sold the New York Yankees to George Steinbrenner for just $8.8 million.
    It traditionally has an older audience than all the other networks.
    After having the undisputed best newscast under Walter Cronkite and the first few years of the Dan Rather era, it alienated viewers when cutbacks were made in the early 1990's, and its news dropped to third in the ratings.
    It tried to pair up Dan Rather and Connie Chung.
    In a catastrophic move it lost Sunday football to FOX giving FOX creditability.
    Although they innovated a color system in 1951, they resisted regular color broadcasts until 1965.
    The F.C.C. fined it $550,000 just because Janet Jackson exposed her 40 year old nipple during the 2004 Super Bowl (fined September 23, 2004).

Why CBS (TV Network) might not be annoying:

    Home of Edward R. Murrow.
    It used their famous unblinking eye logo since 1951.
    It got its nickname 'The Tiffany network' since it was considered the most prestigious and had the highest ratings of the three major television networks from the 1940's to the 1970's.
    It gave us THE first classic television show, 'I Love Lucy.'
    It had the guts that ABC didn't, showing 'All in the Family' and reaping commercial and critical benefit from it.
    It has the two highest rated American television shows of all time: the MASH finale and Dallas' 'Who Shot J.R.' episode.
    It showed the longest running prime-time drama ever, 'Gunsmoke' (1955-1975).
    It was the last of the major American networks to remain independent, until Westinghouse bought it in 1996.
    Credit: Hoxy
    Slogans - (Thanks to Wikipedia):
    1956 - The stars' address is CBS.
    1967 - In the Winner's Circle
    1970 - We Put It All Together
    1971 - Have We Got a Lot For You
    1973 - The Best is Right Here on CBS
    1974 - Hello, America
    1975 - Catch the Brightest Stars
    1976 - The Hot Ones
    1977 - There's Something in the Air
    1978 - Turn Us On, We'll Turn You On
    1979 - You're Looking Good, America
    1980 - Looking Good Together
    1981 - Reach for the Stars
    1982 - Great Moments
    1983 - We've Got the Touch
    1986 - Share the Spirit of CBS
    1987 - CBS Spirit
    1988 - Television you can feel
    1989 - Get Ready for CBS
    1991 - The Look of America is CBS
    1992 - This is CBS
    1994 - Everyday People
    1995 - You're on CBS
    1996 - Welcome Home (to a CBS Night)
    1999 - The Address is CBS
    2000 - It's All Here
    2003 - The Eye on the Eyes
    2004 - Get Watch'd On
    2005 - Everbody's Watching CBS

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