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Bob Dornan

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U.S. Congressman

The Resume

    (April 3, 1933- )
    Born in New York City, New York
    Nephew of actor Jack Haley
    Pilot in the US Air Force (1953-58) and Air Force Reserve (1958-75)
    Starred in the movie 'The Starfighters' (1964)
    Recurring role as Captain Fowler in 'Twelve O'Clock High' (1964-67)
    Hosted a Los Angeles talk show (1967-73)
    US Representative from California (1977-83,1985-97)
    Nicknamed 'B-1 Bob' for his advocacy of the B-1 Bomber
    Ran for the Republican presidential nomination (1996)

Why he might be annoying:

    His wife Sallie filed for divorce, alleging that he dragged her through the house by her hair (1961).
    He was held in jail for five days after violating a restraining order from Sallie (1966).
    He outed fellow Republican Congressman Steve Gunderson on the House floor, saying Gunderson had a 'revolving door on his closet.' (1994)
    Other memorable remarks included 'Every lesbian spearchucker in this country is hoping I get defeated,' 'Don't use the word gay unless it's an acronymn for 'Got AIDS Yet,'' and 'Homosexual: to shorten it to homo may have a cruel ring like shortening Japanese to Jap. It worked during the Second World War. It's not considered polite, but use the word.'
    He called Rep. Thomas Downey (D-NY) a 'draft dodging wimp'; when Downey tried to ask him about the comment, he grabbed Downey by the collar and tie and said, 'It's good you're being protected by the sergeant-at-arms. If I saw you outside, it would be a different story.' (1985)
    His former chief of staff said, 'He's a good man who's a lot of fun who occasionally has moments of... let's see, what word should I use... irrationality.'

Why he might not be annoying:

    Sallie later renounced her abuse claims, saying she had been suffering 'emotional instability' caused by a prescription drug addiction.
    He and Sallie have remained married for over 50 years.
    He registered black voters in Mississippi during the 60s and attended Martin Luther King's March on Washington.
    He won a couple of local Emmys for his talk show.
    He apologized for one of his comments, after calling Soviet journalist Vladimir Posner a 'disloyal, betraying little Jew.' (Specifically, he apologized for the implied anti-semitism, saying he was trying to call Posner a 'Judas.')
    He said he had 'the courage to be flamboyant.'

Credit: C. Fishel

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