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Lady A

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The Resume

    (2006- )
    Formed in Nashville, Tennessee
    Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood
    Recorded 'Need You Now,' 'I Run To You,' 'Love Don't Live Here,' 'Lookin' For A Good Time,' 'American Honey' and 'Never Alone' (with Jim Brickman)
    'Need You Now' won Record of the Year and Song of the Year at the 53rd Grammy Awards (February 13, 2011)
    Changed name from 'Lady Antebellum' to 'Lady A' in wake of cultural shifts in the United States (2020)

Why they might be annoying:

    A band founded by two males with the word 'Lady' in its name?
    They recorded a song called 'Miles Away' for MTV's ridiculous reality show, 'The Hills.'
    Dave and Charles left the University of Georgia and moved to Nashville to pursue a career in country music.
    They posed for the Chevy Country Music calendar.
    At the 2010 Grammy Awards, a curtain fell on Hillary's head as the band performed 'Need You Now.'
    After their name change, they faced legal challenges from a blues singer who already went by Lady A.

Why they might not be annoying:

    They write and produce most of their own music.
    They toured with country music superstar Martina McBride.
    They won the CMA Award for single of the year (2009).
    They won the Grammy for best recording by a country duo or group for 'I Run To You.'
    Their song 'Need You Now' became a huge crossover hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

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