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    (February 12, 1918- )
    Located in Southern South America
    Slightly smaller than twice the size of Montana
    Borders Argentina, Bolivia and Peru
    Gained independence from Spain (September 18, 1810)
    Most popular pizza topping is mussels and clams
    Country's name comes from the Indian word 'Tchili,' which means 'the deepest point of the Earth'
    World's highest active volcano Nevado Ojos Del Salado

Why Chile might be annoying:

    Chile includes Easter Island (Isla de Pascua).
    The country is real skinny (2,620 miles by 100 miles wide).
    It boasts the largest active volcano in the world (Guallatiri volcano in northern Chile - 19,918 feet tall).
    They are the first known people to embalm their dead (the Chinchoros) lived on the north coast of what is now Chile.
    It is a strategic location for the trans-shipment of cocaine destined for the United States and Europe.
    It is the home of the largest recorded earthquake in history, a magnitude of 9.5 on the Richter Scale (May 1960).
    Thirty-three miners were trapped 2300 feet underground for over two months (rescued October 13, 2010).

Why Chile might not be annoying:

    Alexander Selkirk (real life Robinson Crusoe) lived four years in isolation on Juan Fernandez Islands.
    Weird climate - Bahia Felix had 348 rainy days and Calama had zero (1916). It hasn't rained at Calama in recorded history.
    It contains one of world's driest regions (Atacama Desert).
    The US does not recognize Chile's claim to property in Antarctica.
    It had the first freely elected socialist leader in the world, Salvador Allende.
    They sent troops to help rectify the crisis in Haiti (2004).
    Chuquicamata is the world's largest open mine.
    Home of Codelco, world's largest producer of copper.

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