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Abraham Quintanilla Jr.

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The Resume

    (February 20, 1939- )
    Born in Corpus Christi, Texas
    Singer-songwriter and record producer
    Father of Tejano pop star Selena (1971-95)
    Backup vocalist for the 'Los Dinos' singing group (1957-74)
    Released the albums 'Los Dinos' (1964), 'Con Esta Copa' (1964), and 'The Dinos' (1965)
    Singles included 'Give Me One Chance,' 'So Hard to Tell,' 'Twistin' Irene,' 'Ride Your Pony,' and 'Lover's Holiday'
    Formed the group 'Selena y Los Dinos,' featuring his three kids, in 1982
    Managed his daughter's solo career; later worked to preserve her memory following her 1995 murder
    Co-produced the biographical film about his late daughter, 'Selena' (1997)
    Portrayed by Edward James Olmos in the biographical film

Why he might be annoying:

    He probably lived vicariously through his daughter's singing career.
    He had his daughter begin her singing career at the age of nine, performing for patrons at the restaurant he and his wife owned.
    After the restaurant was shut down during the Recession of '82, he had his kids perform on street corners, in addition to parties/weddings, to generate additional income.
    He vocally opposed his daughter's relationship with Chris Perez, at one point firing him from the band and repeatedly forbidding them from seeing each other.
    Selena met Yolanda Saldivar through him.
    He co-produced his daughter's biopic less than two years after her murder.

Why he might not be annoying:

    His daughter clearly inherited her musical abilities from him.
    He had success as a vocalist with the Dinos, and several of their early singles became local hits.
    He recalls the Dinos experiencing dual prejudice both from white venues (racism often resulted in their failing to get bookings or motel rooms) and Mexican audiences (who disliked that they did not perform Spanish-language songs).
    His daughter was brutally murdered by the president of her fan club in broad daylight.
    He made amends with Chris Perez shortly before Selena's death, and has since admitted to unfairly judging Perez's character.
    His reasoning for producing the Selena movie so close to the event of her death was his wish that her life be projected positively and so that audiences could know her as her family did.
    He and his family started The Selena Foundation, an organization that helps at-risk-youth, in his daughter's memory.

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