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Screen Actors Guild

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The Resume

    Born in United States
    Labor union representing 139,200 screen actors for film and television
    Affiliate of the AFL-CIO

Why Screen Actors Guild might be annoying:

    They gave into the Red Scare by pledging non-Communist oaths.
    Like many entertainment guilds during the McCarthyism era, the SAG omitted screen credits to those believed to be Communist.
    They have many different requirements to become a member.
    They went on strike and boycotted the 32nd Primetime Emmys [1980].
    They did it again in 2000.
    They picketed alongside the WGA for 100 days.
    SAG members cannot work on non-union productions.
    Ronald Reagan was one of the presidents of the Guild.
    They hand out their own awards (Screen Actors Guild Awards) ruining the surprise and drama leading up to the Academy Awards.

Why Screen Actors Guild might not be annoying:

    They are a powerful voice within the entertainment industry.
    They give many benefits such as health care and insurance to actors.
    Without actors, there would be no such thing as television or movies.

Credit: Birdienest81

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