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George Steinbrenner

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Sports Executive

The Resume

    (July 4, 1930-July 13, 2010)
    Born in Rocky River, Ohio
    Nickname was 'The Boss'
    Made his fortune in shipbuilding in Cleveland Ohio
    CEO of American Ship Building Company
    Purchased and became Principal Owner of the New York Yankees for $10,000,000 (1973)

Why he might be annoying:

    He threatened to move the team out of The Bronx.
    He changed managers 21 times (from 1973-1996) including firing and rehiring Billy Martin five times.
    During the '70s, he caused so much dissension on the team that Sparky Lyle labeled it 'The Bronx Zoo.'
    He was convicted of giving an illegal contribution to the Nixon campaign (1974 - Pardoned by Ronald Reagan in January 1989).
    He was ordered to give up control of his club for dealing with small time gamblers (1990-93).
    He's been accused of buying the World Series, by paying high salaries to attract free agents.
    When he purchased the team, he promised not to meddle too much (1973 - Talk about not keeping a promise).
    After saying David Wells was getting fat and lazy, Wells pitched a perfect game.

Why he might not be annoying:

    In the past seven years, New York Yankees were in all seven play offs, winning five league pennants and four world championships (1996-2001).
    His New York Yankees appeared in the playoffs (1976-79, 81).
    Overall, he his team won Nine League Championships and Six world series.
    He gives to charity, including to many small local community organizations around Yankee Stadium which goes unpublicized.
    Most of his best ball players are home grown, but if necessary is willing to put money on the line for a trade or a free agent.
    Although advised not to sign Hideki Irabu, he took full responsibility when the Japanese pitcher was not as good as thought to be, he even call him a 'fat toad' for not covering first base during a play.
    When Seinfeld introduced a character on his series to portray Steinbrenner, and not in the best light, he loved it. He permitted his players to appear on the series and planned to even do a guest spot, but the timing was bad.
    He co-hosted 'Saturday Night Live' and even took part in a bit as a shop owner who could not fire even his worst employee.
    Ask Men said: 'He is complicated. He is temperamental. He is contradictory.'
    He has offered money and jobs to help substance abusers like Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden.
    He took back many of the ball players he traded or let go.
    Yogi Berra was angry with him when he got fired and years later when Yogi indicated he was no longer angry at Steinbrenner, Steinbrenner rushed to see him and shake hands.

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