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Hockey Player

The Resume

    (February 1, 1972- )
    Forward for the Hartford Whalers (1990-97), Carolina Hurricanes (1997-98), Vancouver Canucks (1998, 2004), Buffalo Sabres (1998-2000), Columbus Blue Jackets (2000-04, 2005), Phoenix Coyotes (2005-06), Philadelphia Flyers (2006-07) and the Edmonton Oilers (2007-08)
    Played for HPK Hameenlinna (1994) and Geneve-Servette HC (2004-05) during lockout years
    2nd round draft pick of the Whalers in 1990 NHL Entry Draft (36th overall)

Why he might be annoying:

    He was traded twice during the 1997-98 season.
    He was left unprotected in the 2000 Expansion Draft despite the fact he posted decent numbers with the Sabres.
    He played two stints with the Canucks and Blue Jackets.
    His second stint with the Jackets lasted two games.
    He played his junior hockey under a closet pedophile in Swift Current.
    He spent his prime years on a pitiful Whalers team.
    His point totals in Columbus were as a result of playing on an expansion team.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was the first NHL player to come out of the Northwest Territories.
    He confirmed he wasn't one of the Broncos who were sexually abused by Graham James.
    He recorded career highs during the 1991-92 season.
    His cousin Wade Brookbank plays in the NHL.
    He was a two time All-Star while playing for the Whalers.

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