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The Resume

    Ronan Keating (1977- )
    Keith Duffy (1974- )
    Mikey Graham (1972- )
    Stephen Gately (March 17, 1976–October 10, 2009)
    Shane Lynch (1976- )
    Albums include 'Said and Done' (1995), 'A Different Beat' (1997), 'Where We Belong' (1998) and 'By Request' (1999)
    Hit singles include 'Love Me for a Reason,' 'A Different Beat,' 'All That I Need,' and 'No Matter What'
    Formed by Louis Walsh and Mark Plunkett

Why they might be annoying:

    They just might have the worst name of any boy band, ever.
    They are a manufactured commercial pop group targeted at teen girls.
    Many of their hit songs are covers or sappy love ballads.
    They didn't write any of their own material (as is typical of boy bands.)
    Stephen didn't come out as gay until he discovered the tabloids were planning to out him.
    They made an embarrassing (and now well-known) appearance on the Irish talk show 'The Late Late Show' (1993).
    Ronan left the group in 2001 for a solo career.

Why they might not be annoying:

    They were chosen from over 300 hopefuls to be members of the group.
    They've had over 15 hit singles in the UK since forming.
    Their 1998 Irish tour broke sales records by selling out 35,000 tickets within 4 hours.
    Stephen no longer hides his homosexuality.

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