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The Resume

Why they might be annoying:

    Their first and only famous album had four songs on it.
    Greenberg directed a documentary called 'Funkytown,' which received mediocre reviews.
    They were a one-hit wonder.
    They were a studio group masterminded by Greenberg.
    The music video for Funkytown has a different woman lipsyncing (get it?) Johnson's vocals.
    Funkytown's famous, but does it really need its own Web site?

Why they might not be annoying:

    'Funkytown' is one of the most famous pop singles ever and has been featured in many movies and commercials.
    They could barely get a record deal, and then got the last laugh.
    Johnson was crowned Miss Black Minnesota in 1976.
    They are credited with helping put the Minneapolis music scene on the map.
    Says Greenberg of Funkytown: 'It was truly Minnesota-made: recorded here, mastered here, mixed here. I'm very proud of that.'
    'Funkytown' is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame/Museum.
    They won three Billboard music awards.

Credit: Taffy Expires

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