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The Chevy Chase Show

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TV Series

The Resume

    (September 7, 1993-October 1, 1993)
    Aired on FOX
    Hosted by Chevy Chase
    Music by Tom Scott and The Hollywood Express
    Premise: Chevy Chase attempts to host a talk show... with disastrous results

Why The Chevy Chase Show might be annoying:

    It is often cited as a prime example of a failed talk show.
    FOX predicted that it would be a huge success and be the leader in the late-night talk show war (clearly that did not happen).
    The whole show had an awkward and uncomfortable vibe to it.
    Chevy's interviews consisted of inane questions, terrible jokes and long pauses.
    The first show featured Chevy and guest Goldie Hawn embarrassing her son (who was in the audience) on his birthday by doing a cheesy dance to 'La Bamba,' dropping a birthday cake in front of him, and poorly singing 'Happy Birthday To You.'
    TIME magazine's review of the show stated 'The only miracle about The Chevy Chase Show is that the star was still showing his face on national TV by the end...'
    The show would reuse pre-taped bits and sketches just days after airing them the first time.
    Chase's attempts at humor were forced and fell completely flat.

Why The Chevy Chase Show might not be annoying:

    Chase admits that the show was bad and it gave him a new level of respect for other late night talk show hosts.
    It had a unique set that featured a giant goldfish tank.
    Other failed talk show hosts like Megan Mullally and Magic Johnson can look at it and not feel so bad about their own shows.
    Chevy Chase's next attempt at a TV series had a much better reception.
    Some of Chase's old working buddies like Beverly D'Angelo and Dan Aykroyd appeared on the show.
    FOX mercifully pulled the plug on it after a month.

Credit: Diplomat

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