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Paul Brandt

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The Resume

    (July 21, 1972- )
    Birth name is Paul Rennee Belobersycky
    Recorded the hit songs 'My Heart Has A History,' 'I Do,' 'I Meant to Do That,' 'A Little In Love,' 'What's Come Over You,' 'That's The Truth,' 'Small Towns and Big Dreams,' 'Canadian Man,' 'Convoy' and 'Leavin''
    Recorded the albums 'Calm Before The Storm' (1996), 'Outside The Frame' (1997), 'That's The Truth' (1999), 'What I Want to Be Remembered For' (2000), 'Small Towns And Big Dreams' (2002) and 'This Time Around' (2004)

Why he might be annoying:

    He got his stage name of 'Brandt' while looking at the telephone book.
    He has a real deep voice.
    His 'That's The Truth' video has clips of Bill Clinton's confessional speech about not having a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky.
    His real last name is extremely hard to pronounce.
    Some of his songs have religious messages in them, despite being a country artist.

Why he might not be annoying:

    Some of his songs are based on personal experiences.
    He wrote the song 'I Do' for his friend's wedding and it became a hit on country stations.
    He legally changed his last name to Brandt because it was easier to pronounce.
    He and his wife are heavily involved with many charities.
    He was a registered nurse in Calgary at the time of his break.

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