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George McGovern

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U.S. Senator

The Resume

    (July 19, 1922-October 21, 2012)
    Member of the House of Representatives (1956-1960)
    Director of President Kennedy's Peace for Food Program (1961-1962)
    Democratic presidential candidate (1972)
    Democratic Senator from South Dakota (1962-1980)
    Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom (2000)
    U.N. Global Ambassador to World Hunger

Why he might be annoying:

    He suffered from depression.
    After the press released information that his vice-presidential running mate, Thomas Eagleton, had sought help for dealing with psychological problems he was urged to drop him from the ticket.
    He said he would not and was 100% behind Eagleton. However when polls indicated that Eagleton's psychological problems was a hinderance, he replaced him with Sargent Shriver.
    Republicans painted him as a radical liberal.
    He suffered a crushing 62% to 38% loss to Richard Nixon in his bid for president (1972).
    During the election, he didn't win his home state of South Dakota.
    His daughter, Teresa, was an alcoholic who went into rehab 68 times in four years (1991-94). She was found frozen to death after heavy drinking, in the snow (1994).

Why he might not be annoying:

    He received the Distinguished Flying Cross for service in World War II.
    He earned a Ph.D in history from Northwestern University.
    He supported civil rights for African-Americans.
    He was one of the first politicians to openly oppose the Vietnam War.
    In honor of his daughter, he founded the Terry McGovern Foundation to help alcoholics.

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