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The Resume

    (April 24, 1996- )
    Stands for Women's National Basketball Association
    Founded and pseudo-operated by the NBA
    Originated with eight franchises and consists of thirteen teams (as of 2004)
    Seasons occur during the summer (the NBA off season)
    Teams include Houston Comets, Los Angeles Sparks, Detroit Shock and Washington Mystics

Why WNBA might be annoying:

    It has hokey promo slogans such as 'We Got Game!' and 'We Got Next!'
    It wants to be known as a 'major' league at the same level as the NBA.
    Thanks to its close connection with the NBA, NBA fans have to deal with countless WNBA promos during games.
    The WNBA logo and some of its team logos are heavily copied from the NBA.
    It originally was only operated at NBA arenas with NBA team owners, but after some of the owners started losing money, it decided it could play in non-NBA cities.
    It made a huge deal about Lisa Leslie dunking during a game and thought that would give it more credibility and ratings. It didn't.
    It heavily targets the loud-and-proud lesbian demographic.
    It took a cue from the male sports leagues and over-expanded.
    It broadcasted some of their games on the women's networks Lifetime and Oxygen.
    Its rules closely follow the college game (where's the extra challenge?)
    It wasn't competitive during its early seasons, as the Houston Comets won its first four titles and the Los Angeles Sparks the next two.
    Despite its strive for equality, its first three championship coaches (Van Chancellor, Michael Cooper, and Bill Laimbeer) were male.
    One of its teams, the Connecticut Sun, plays at a casino.
    Team owners and coaches have to worry about their heterosexual players getting pregnant during the regular season.

Why WNBA might not be annoying:

    It gives great female college players such as Chamique Holdsclaw and Diana Taurasi the opportunity to play professionally in the United States.
    It is easily the most successful professional sports league for women in the United States.
    Some of their players can be considered attractive.
    It uses an orange and white basketball.
    Its players arguably are more fundamentally sound than their male counterparts.
    It has a shorter regular and playoff season than the NBA.
    When it realized it over-expanded, causing diluted talent on each team, it folded some of its teams, something the major male sports leagues will never do.

Credit: Hoxy

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