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U.S. Olympic Gold Medal Ice Hockey Team (1980)

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Sports Team

The Resume

    Won the Olympic Gold Medal by beating Finland 4-2 (February 24, 1980)
    Beat the highly favored Soviet team (4-3) (February 22, 1980)
    Team was dubbed 'Miracle on Ice'
    Team comprised of Billy Baker (D), Neal Broten (F), Dave Christian (C), Steve Christoff (), Jim Craig (G), Mike Eruzione (LW-Capt), John Harrington (F), Steve Janaszak (G), Mark Johnson (C), Rob McClanahan (C), Ken Morrow (D), Jack O'Callahan (D), Mark Pavelich (C), Mike Ramsey (D), Buzz Schneider (F), Dave Silk (F), Eric Strobel (F), Bob Suter (D), Phil Verchota (F) and Mark Wells (C)
    Head coach was Herb Brooks
    As a team they lit the torch officially opening the Salt Lake City Olympics (2002)

Why they might be annoying:

    The goalie, Steve Janaszak, did not get to play.
    None of the players, other than Ken Morrow and Neil Broten, had any real success in the NHL.
    Morrow was lucky to play on the New York Islanders for all four of their Stanley Cups (1980-83).
    Broten played the majority of his career with the Stars and eventually won a cup with the NJ Devils (1995).
    Broten accumulated 867 NHL points which is second most by an American.
    The team came from only four states, eleven were from Minnesota, four from Massachusetts, three from Michigan and two from Wisconsin.

Why they might not be annoying:

    The United States was perceived to be the world's power, but it just came off of Watergate, was divided over and lost the Vietnam War, had high inflation, the embassy was being held hostage in Iran and the Soviet Union ignored warnings from the United States not to invade Afghanistan.
    The Soviet Union hockey team was made up of the U.S.S.R.'s best all stars and was undoubtedly the best hockey team in the world (including the NHL).
    The U.S. were all amateurs and mostly college students.
    Experts had little confidence that the U.S. would get into the medal rounds, let alone win the gold.
    In six of the seven games, the opponents scored first.
    The Americans won six of the seven games and tied the other (Sweden tied 2-2).
    The oldest player was Buzz Schneider at 25.
    Sportscaster, Al Michaels, ended the game with these memorable words: 'Eleven seconds, you got ten seconds, the countdown going on right now. Five seconds left in the game, do you believe in miracles? Yes!'

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