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CFL - Canadian Football League

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The Resume

    (1907- )
    Interprovincial Rugby Football Union (IRFU) founded in 1907
    Western Interprovincial Football Union (WIFU) founded in 1936
    IRFU and WIFU merged to officially form CFL in 1954
    Championship known as the Grey Cup Game, played annually at neutral site
    Grey Cup donated in 1909 by Lord Earl Grey
    Officially took control of Grey Cup in 1958
    Membership has ranged anywhere from eight to 13 teams
    Current teams located in Vancouver; Calgary; Edmonton; Regina, Saskatchewan; Winnipeg; Hamilton, Ontario; Toronto; Ottawa; Montreal
    Defunct teams include Sacramento (moved to San Antonio); Las Vegas; Baltimore; Shreveport, Louisiana; Birmingham; and Memphis

Why CFL - Canadian Football League might be annoying:

    Their football field is 110 yards long.
    The offense only gets 3 downs to convert.
    On kicking plays, if the receiving team gets a touchback, the other team gets a single point, but not possession of the ball.
    That single point is has been called both a 'rouge' and a 'single.'
    Unlike the NFL, the goal posts are still right at the goal line, thus obstructing the field of play.
    At one time, there were two teams simultaneously known as the 'Rough Riders,' Ottawa and Saskatchewan.
    Ottawa's team spelled it as two words, while Saskatchewan's team spells it as one ('Roughriders').
    On three occasions, the Rough Riders and the Roughriders met in the Grey Cup Game.
    They granted an expansion team to the Atlantic provinces to start play in 1981, but that team never got off the ground.
    Before the CFL was organized, the Grey Cup wasn't always exclusive to IRFU or WIFU teams.
    Sometimes college teams, military teams, and even teams from other football organizations would win the Grey Cup.
    They tried unsuccessfully to expand into the U.S.

Why CFL - Canadian Football League might not be annoying:

    Their rules are extremely friendly to the offense.
    Offensive players may move forward prior to the snap, provided they do not cross the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped.
    Defenses must line up one yard behind the line of scrimmage.
    The end zones are much deeper than they are in American football.
    The field is also wider.
    Teams are allowed 12 men on the field at any time.
    After a team gives up a field goal, it has the option of receiving a kickoff or just taking the ball at its own 35 yard line.
    They have an import rule to protect Canadian interests.
    No more than 21 players on a team's 40-man roster may come from outside Canada, and no more than 18 imports are allowed in non-QB positions.
    Many American football stars have played in Canada, such as Doug Flutie, Warren Moon, Joe Theismann, Jeff Garcia, Mark Gastineau, Congressman J.C. Watts (R-Oklahoma), Lawrence Phillips, Mike Vanderjagt, and Raghib 'Rocket' Ismael.
    Former Minnesota Vikings head coach Bud Grant coached in Canada before heading to the NFL, as did former Buffalo Bills head coach Marv Levy.
    The Grey Cup Game is a huge event in Canada.

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