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Corrie Sanders

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The Resume

    (January 7, 1966-September 23, 2012)
    Born in Pretoria, South Africa
    Professional boxer
    World Boxing Organization's heavyweight champion (March-December, 2003)
    Well known for his mega-punching power, lackadaisical attitude towards training, spectacular knockout victory over Wladimir Klitschko and tragic death
    Nicknamed 'The Sniper'
    Overall professional record of 42 wins (31 by knockout) and 4 losses (all by knockout)
    Six foot four and usually fought weighing around 225 pounds

Why he might be annoying:

    He neglected training for even major fights and never actually showed up in top shape for a fight. Never.
    Overall he didn't seem to take boxing seriously; even during fights, he would walk around and smile and wave at ringside spectators or to his opponent's corner men.
    He didn't take a very good punch and all four of his losses were by KO or TKO.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He died very heroically and tragically; while eating with his family at a restaurant, robbers entered and opened fire. He was hit twice and mortally wounded when he threw himself in front his daughter.
    He hit really, really hard. Even one of his conquerors, Hasim Rahmin, said he was the hardest hitter he had ever faced.
    He was an excellent golfer, reputedly professional level, and worked as a golf pro before, during, and after his boxing career.
    He was very well liked by other fighters.
    His spectacular (two knockdowns in each of the first two rounds) knockout of Wladimir Klistchko was one of the biggest upsets in boxing history and was named Ring Magazine's 'Upset of the Year' for 2003.
    He was left-handed.

Credit: tom_jeffords

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