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Michael Buble

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The Resume

    (September 9, 1975- )
    Known for the single ‘Home’
    Recorded albums ‘Come Fly With Me,’ ‘Michael Bublé’ and ‘It’s Time’

Why he might be annoying:

    His last name is pronounced ‘Boob-Lay.’
    He recorded a duet with Nelly Furtado.
    He told Askmen: ‘After struggling 10 years in obscurity, all of a sudden fame and fortune came and I got a little bit ahead of myself. I was rude and reckless with girls, and I just thought, 'Fuck it, this is my time.’
    His debut album consisted of covers of Paul Anka, Van Morrison and Queen.
    While being interviewed at music producer David Foster’s estate, he pointed at Foster’s Mercedes and called it a ‘small penis car.’
    He was engaged but the relationship broke under the stress of his growing fame.
    He resembles Jason Priestley.

Why he might not be annoying:

    Foster discovered him when he sang at Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s daughter’s wedding.
    His sound is comparable to that of Harry Connick, Jr.
    His debut album sold an unexpected three million copies.
    While growing up, he had a close relationship with his grandfather who introduced him to the music that was popular in his youth.
    He is credited with bringing modern jazz to a larger audience of younger listeners.

Credit: Battyx3

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