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TV Series

The Resume

    (October 1, 1955-September 22, 1956)
    Originally aired on CBS
    Started as a skit in a variety show on the DuMont Television Network
    Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden
    Art Carney as Ed Norton
    Audrey Meadows as Alice Kramden
    Joyce Randolph as Trixie Nortion
    Filmed live at CBS Studio 50, later known as 'The Ed Sullivan Theater'

Why Honeymooners might be annoying:

    Though considered a television classic, it has a total library of only 39 episodes.
    Jackie Gleason never rehearsed for the show, saying it would ruin the spontaneous nature of his performance.
    Some 'lost episodes' were unearthed in the 1980s, which turned out just to be sketches that once aired on 'The Jackie Gleason Show' in the 1950s.
    It was not very successful when it originally aired.
    Pert Kelton, the original Alice, left the show while it was still a skit on a variety show after being blacklisted, stating she left for health reasons.
    Some critics claim it made light of domestic abuse, with Ralph frequently threatening to beat Alice.
    Most shows were almost exclusively set in the Kramden kitchen.
    Many mistakes and goofs were not edited out.

Why Honeymooners might not be annoying:

    It is considered to be the first television spin-off, originally being a skit on 'Cavalcade of Stars.'
    It served as the model for the characters in 'The Flintstones.'
    It has a cult following almost fifty years after originally going off the air.
    It gave us a series of catch phrases, such as 'To the moon!' and 'One of these days Pow! Right to the Kisser!'
    It ranked #3 in TV Guide's '50 Best Shows of All Time' (2002).

Credit: Captain Howdy

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