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Grace Lee Whitney

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The Resume

    (April 1, 1930-May 1, 2015)
    Acted in 'Irma La Douce,' 'Some Like It Hot' and 'Star Trek The Motion Picture'
    T.V. appearances on 'Batman' and 'Star Trek'
    Best known as Yeoman Janice Rand from the original Star Trek

Why she might be annoying:

    She was a smoker.
    She was divorced.
    She abused drugs and alcohol to the point where it ruined her career.
    She was reduced to abject poverty and had to turn to prostitution to get by.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She sought help for her addictions and was able to turn her life around.
    She was drug and alcohol free for many years.
    She used her experiences to help others who were trying to overcome their addictions.
    She volunteered with Project New Start, a non profit group which helped women coming out of prison become reoriented into society.
    She was honest and open about her life without getting preachy.
    She was approachable and often spent a great deal of her time at sci fi conventions interacting with the fans.
    Leonard Nimoy nicknamed her 'Amazing Grace'
    Svetlana, the Chicken of the Sea Mermaid, is based on a drawing modeled by her.
    Credit: Jim Kevins
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