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Kingston, Jamaica

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The Resume

    Capital of Jamaica
    Established on July 22, 1692, when refugees and survivors of an earthquake that destroyed Port Royal set up camp there
    City has two distinct geographics - Downtown and New Kingston
    2001 population: 96,052 (Jamaica's most populous city)
    St. Andrew Parish (Kingston and all its suburbs) 2001 population: 555,828
    Sister cities include Miami, Kalamazoo, Michigan, Guadalajara, Mexico, Coventry, England, Shenzhen, China and Panevėžys, Lithuania

Why Kingston, Jamaica might be annoying:

    It was strictly an agricultural area until it became a refugee tent city due to the aforementioned earthquake.
    More than two thousand earthquake survivors died of illness due to diseases from toxic water and mosquitoes.
    The city is prone to earthquakes and hurricanes.
    Economic hardships in the 1970's lowered the tourism rate, and the downtown area became poverty stricken and crime-ridden.
    The roadways are chronically congested.
    In October 1992, all passenger traffic on Jamaica's railways was permanently halted, leaving only freight trains.

Why Kingston, Jamaica might not be annoying:

    It took over 100 years of lobbying, but government offices were finally transferred from Spanish Town to Kingston in 1872, when it became Jamaica's new capital.
    It is the largest English-speaking city in the Caribbean.
    During the 1960's, reggae music received international attention, turning the town into a musical mecca.
    Reggae pioneers Bob Marley and Peter Tosh hail from Kingston.
    Other notable people born in Kingston include, vocalist Sean Paul, NBA superstar Patrick Ewing, and track star Usain Bolt.
    Folk music icons the Kingston Trio took their name from the city.
    To its north lies the Blue Mountains, and its south sees Kingston Harbor, so it has both mountainous and oceanic views.
    It's a temperate city, with its average yearly high temperature at 88 °F, and average yearly low at 72 °F.
    It is a progressive city with a diverse population (including thousands of culturally mixed-race citizenry), and sports a variety of religious practitioners, including Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims and Rastafarians.

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