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Baseball Player

The Resume

Why he might be annoying:

    He failed his physical examination for the United States Army, thus making him ineligible to join.
    Despite being considered the centerpiece acquired in the Tom Seaver trade, his tenure with the Mets was lauded as a disappointment by baseball pundits.
    He struggled to find consistency throughout the course of his career.
    He broke his foot after he went to kick a batting helmet in frustration, but missed and kicked the concrete step in the dugout instead.
    He blacked out while driving his vehicle, rolling his truck into a ditch (2016).

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was a member of the famed 'Big Red Machine' team that went through the 1976 postseason undefeated.
    He was one of the first co-winners of Major League Baseball's Rookie of the Year award.
    He served as both a starter and reliever during the course of his career.
    He was married to his wife, Sharron for 40 years until her passing in a car crash.
    He was unaware he had epilepsy for most of his life, which he found out about, after it was revealed he had an epileptic seizure while driving.

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