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Hollywood, California

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The Resume

    (circa 1870- )
    Suburb of Los Angeles, California
    Frequent host of the Academy Awards
    Home of many film industry sets and auxiliaries
    Originally called 'Hollywoodland'
    Although a suburb, has its own school system and boundaries that allow it to operate as if it was independent

Why Hollywood, California might be annoying:

    Because it is the center of the movie industry, many wannabes come by every year trying to become famous.
    It has had several nauseating Broadway songs/musicals written about it and the dreams of aspiring stars.
    Many failed actors/actresses committed suicide after jumping off the famous giant Hollywood sign.
    It is the home of many spoiled rich celebrities.
    Contrary to popular belief, it is not its own city.
    In recent years, movie studios have branched out to other suburbs like Burbank and the Los Angeles Westside.
    One of its most famous sites, the Hollywood Hotel, was torn down to make way for a shopping mall and a twelve-story bank building.
    It is home to many prostitutes and homeless people.
    It houses a large portion of the pornography industry.

Why Hollywood, California might not be annoying:

    It is currently undergoing revitalization and urban development.
    It is still considered to be the center of the entertainment world.
    Its early citizens banned the sale of liquor by pharmacists and the traveling of herds made up of more than 200 cattle.
    It attempted to survive as an independent city, but had to be annexed to Los Angeles because it had trouble finding a decent water supply.
    It houses the Kodak theatre, the Hollywood Bowl, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Paramount Studios.

Credit: Darrell

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