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The Gong Show

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TV Series

The Resume

    (June 14, 1976-September 12, 1980)
    Aired on NBC
    Hosted by Chuck Barris
    Premise: People of various talents come on the show and are judged

Why The Gong Show might be annoying:

    It was a glorified freak show.
    Chuck Barris was known for a nervous habit of clapping his hands while talking on the show.
    A movie version of it was a bomb.
    Despite its popularity, it didn't last very long.
    Attempted revivals of the show have failed.
    The original host, John Barbour, was replaced at the last minute before the show premiered.

Why The Gong Show might not be annoying:

    It changed the way game shows were normally made.
    It had some of the most infamous moments in game show history, such as an act called 'The Popsicle Twins.'
    One of the judges, Jaye P. Morgan took her top off on the show.
    Paul Reubens appeared on the show before his fame.
    It had popular recurring characters, like 'Unknown Comic' who told bad jokes with a paper bag over his head, and 'Gene Gene the Dancing Machine,' a black man who danced in a green suit while being hit with items.

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