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Miranda Lambert

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The Resume

    (November 10, 1983- )
    Third place on Nashville Star (2003)
    Songs include 'Kerosene,' 'Famous in a Small Town,' 'Gunpowder & Lead,' 'More Like Her,' 'White Liar,' 'The House That Built Me,' 'Only Prettier,' 'Heart Like Mine,' 'Baggage Claim,' 'Over You,' 'Fastest Girl In Town,' 'Mama's Broken Heart,' 'All Kinds Of Kinds,' 'Automatic,' 'Somethin' Bad' and 'Little Red Wagon'
    Married country singer Blake Shelton (May 14, 2011); divorced (July 20, 2015)

Why she might be annoying:

    She first gained prominence as a contestant on Nashville Star, country music's answer to American Idol.
    She grew up in a Texas town with a population of 2,500.
    Prior to her career in music, she appeared in a potato chip ad.
    At 14 her father bought her a guitar, but she showed no interest in it until two years later.
    She can come across as a bit pretentious, with statements like: 'I want to be appreciated as someone whose music is REAL. I want to be thought of as a true artist, not just as an 'entertainer.'
    She looks like a cross between Paris Hilton and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Why she might not be annoying:

    Although she didn't win on Nashville Star, she was a favorite among viewers and eventually began a successful music career.
    Prior to her appearance on Nashville Star, she gained a small local following with an independently-produced CD and help from her family.
    She has an 'Ask Ran' section on her website, where she answers questions asked by fans.
    Upon meeting the heads of Sony records, she said: 'I write my own stuff. I have something to say. I’ll never dance around on stage in a halter top. I will always play my guitar. Now, if I can’t make a record that reflects me honestly, I’d rather just go home and play in Texas like I was.'
    She has a wholesome, girl-next-door appearance.

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