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Michael Ian Black

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The Resume

    (August 12, 1971- )
    Born Michael Schwartz in Hillborough, New Jersey
    Portrays 'Phillip Washington Stubbs' on 'Ed' (2000- )
    Does the voice for 'Al Foster' on 'Crank Yankers' (2003- )
    Hosted 'Spy TV' (2001-2002)
    Appeared in Movies: 'Big Helium Dog,' 'The Bogus Witch Project' and 'Wet Hot American Summer'

Why he might be annoying:

    He used to be the voice for the Sock Puppet.
    He attended 'New York University' but left before he graduated.
    When he was younger, he appeared in an educational film about saying no to joining cults.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He did hilarious and memorable interviews with VH-1 in a special called 'I Love The 80's.'
    One thing he said from 'I Love The 80's' was: 'No, Nobody knew George Michael was gay. Nobody ever suspected. How could they? What would lead you to the conclusion that George Michael, was gay? George Michael? Not the frontman for Wham! Surely you jest.'
    He also did a promo for 'I Love The 70's and is also being interviewed for that too.
    Him, David Wain and Michael Showalter created a comedy trio show called, 'Stella' and they play weekly shows in New York City.
    His career started when he helped create and star in an MTV show called 'The State' (1994-1995).
    Many people agree that he's a really funny guy and a cool, friendly and down to earth person.

Credit: Whitestrpsrocker

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