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Lil Rounds

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The Resume

    (November 14, 1984- )
    Resides in Memphis, Tennessee
    Contestant on 'American Idol 8' (2009)

Why she might be annoying:

    She says she is her own harshest critic.
    Her kids called her 'American Idol mama.'
    She referred to herself as a 'gospel head' raised on Mahalia Jackson.
    She altered the lyrics in 'Be Without You' to encourage 'Idol' voters to call in and vote for her.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She was compared to famed r&b diva Mary J. Blige.
    Her apartment was damaged by a tornado, so her family spent several months living in a hotel.
    She went on 'American Idol' to try to provide a better future for her husband and three kids.
    She has an authoritative and powerful singing voice.

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