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The Resume

    (1996- )
    Based in Vancouver Canada
    Chad Kroeger (Vocals, guitar)
    Mike Kroeger (Bass)
    Ryan Peake (Guitar)
    Ryan Vikedal (Drums)
    Recorded 'How You Remind Me,' 'Someday,' 'Photograph,' 'Savin' Me,' 'Far Away,' 'If Everyone Cared,' 'Rock Star,' 'If Today Was Your Last Day' and 'Gotta Be Somebody'

Why they might be annoying:

    When Mike Kroeger worked at Starbucks, often after making change he told the customer: 'here's your nickel, back' (hence the name).
    Although an argument can be made that a Nickelback is the offensive field general of a poor man's football team.
    Lead singer, Chad Kroeger looks like he could be Hanson's dad.
    They don't like to sound Canadian.
    They were banned from Hofstra University after a run-in with - what Ryan Peake referred to as - 'Rent-a-cops.' They were riding around the parking lot and rugby fields with members of the New York Islanders (and their bus driver) on a couple of Fat Boy wide tire mini bikes, tearing up the fields. When they finished, Peake 'roared it into the venue' where he had to do a sound check. The band was amused, but Hofstra security was not.
    They are pro-marijuana and appeared in High Times.
    Citing their music sucks, upset Detroit Lions fans started a petition to have them removed from the half-time entertainment show at the Lions' annual Thanksgiving day home game (November 2, 2011).

Why they might not be annoying:

    They independently released an EP and an album before signing with Roadrunner Records.
    They credit their managers and roadies for contributing greatly to their success.
    Chad Kroeger said: 'This has been a constant slow, gradual climb. Granted, it has exploded with (a hit song) 'How You Remind Me,' but it was five years in the making. So I don't think we're going to take a shotgun to our collective heads and pull the trigger because we can't cope with what's going on in our careers.' Guess who he's likely to be talking about?
    They aren't affected by bad reviews.
    They continually skate with hockey teams.

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