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United States Air Force
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Military Personnel
    (August 7, 1907- )
    Part of the US Army until 1947
    Created by Congress as an aviation wing of the Army, along with an initial $125,000 budget (1912)
    1st unit was the 1st Provisional Aero Squadron, now the 1st Reconnaissance Squadron
    Expanded from 6 planes in 1914 to over 750 in 1918 at the end of World War I
    In its first war, shot down 756 planes and 76 balloons for a loss of 289 planes and 48 balloons
    Reorganized as the Air Corps (1926)
    Given a $300 million budget and a maximum strength of 6000 airplanes (1939)
    Renamed and reorganized as the USAAF (US Army Air Forces)
    Expanded 29-fold in aircraft and 85-fold in personnel during World War II; at its peak size, it had over 2.2 million officers and enlisted men and over 63,000 aircraft
    Department of the Air Force and USAF created by the National Security Act, which established the modern military organizational structure (1947)
    First Secretary of the Air Force was W. Stuart Symington; first Air Force Chief of Staff was Gen. Carl Spaatz
    First and only General of the Air Force was Henry Arnold (promoted 1949)
    Fought with its first jet aircraft during the Korean War
    Air Force Academy opened (1954)
    Maintained the US nuclear and stealth bomber deterrents during the Cold War
    Provided air support during the Vietnam War, including napalm and Agent Orange
    Demolished much of Saddam Hussein's army during the Persian Gulf and Iraq wars
    Composed of 70,000 officers and 289,000 enlisted personnel, plus tens of thousands of reservists and National Guard members
    17 Air Force personnel have received the Medal of Honor since 1947
    Fought in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Persian Gulf War, the Afghanistan campaign and the Iraq War
    There are 9 Air Force Commands with 22 numbered Air Forces, most of them based in the US
    Secretary of the Air Force is James G. Roche; Air Force Chief of Staff is John P. Jumper (as of 2004)
    Operates 47 different types of planes
    Nicknamed 'Fly Boys' by members of the other branches of the military
    It doesn't guard its own bases in the Middle East (the Army does this).
    Many US citizens joined the Air Force during the Vietnam War to avoid being drafted by the Army and Marines and serving as infantry.
    The Air Force boot camp is much easier than those of other services and airmen live in relative luxury during that time.
    It is sometimes involved in friendly-fire incidents with US ground forces.
    Many members join the air force and attend college, which makes for a very 'Animal House' atmosphere in the dormitories.
    It failed to investigate sexual harassment of female cadets at the Air Force Academy.
    It was bigger than the Army during the 1980s.
    An Airman who has not reached the rank of Staff Sergeant in 10 years of service will be kicked out of the Air Force.
    Enlisted men & women are required to pass competency tests to pass the rank of Senior Airman.
    Unlike the Army, it only allows commissioned officers to pilot aircraft.
    It works with special forces on the ground to target specific facilities and thus reduce civilian casualties.
    It is efficient in the allocation of its monetary resources.
    The M-16 rifle got its start as the standard weapon of Air Force security personnel.
    It has the largest numbers of women and married members of all the armed services.
    They have the best enemy-friendly casualties ratio of all the armed services.
    It was the first military service to desegregate.
    Air Force personnel train all service members' military police.
    It had a program to convert enlisted airmen to officers after 4 years' service.
    It provides a large range of educational opportunities for its members.
    Prospective members are required to score the highest in the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) test in order to qualify.
    Its bombers deterred the USSR from attacking the West.
    It is an effective tool for engaging in powerful military action without committing to a war.
    It ended World War II by dropping two nuclear bombs on Japan.
    The Air Force logistics section conducted the Berlin Airlift.
    Many astronauts were Air Force pilots.

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