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El Chupacabra

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Fictional Character

The Resume

    (1994- )
    Translated from Spanish, El Chupacabra means 'The Goat Sucker'
    First reports of Chupacabras surfaced in 1994

Why El Chupacabra might be annoying:

    They are called 'Goat-Suckers' because they attack goats and other livestock and suck their blood but sometimes they chew out entire organs.
    The appearance of Chupacabras is hard to explain because of conflicting reports, but they are usually about the size of dogs with large spines sticking out of their backs. And they all have large red eyes.
    Chupacabras are basically Spanish versions of Sasquatchs, in the sense that after one sighting is reported many 'copycat' reports will surface.
    Most sightings of Chupacabras occur in South America and Mexico, they rarely 'appear' in The United States.
    Some fanatics believe that these creatures are of an alien origin, brought by UFOs and placed in the South American countries on purpose by a 'higher intelligence.'
    In Mexico some bizarre murders have been supposedly linked to the Chupacabra.
    Remains of a supposed Chupacabra were found and sent to a lab in Brazil for testing, the remains turned out to be that of a wild dog.

Why El Chupacabra might not be annoying:

    Like the Sasquatch, several scientists believe it is possible for some type of Chupacabra creature to exist, but will not go any further than that.

Credit: Break Dancing Robot

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