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Simone Silva

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The Resume

    (August 15, 1928-November 30, 1957)
    Born in Cairo, Egypt
    Birth name was Martha Simone de Bouillard
    Appeared in the films 'Lady Godiva Rides Again' (1951), 'South of Algiers' (1953), 'Escape by Night' (1953), 'The Weak and the Wicked' (1954), 'Third Party Risk' (1954), and 'The Gelignite Gang' (1957)
    Posed topless with Robert Mitchum at the Cannes Film Festival (1954)

Why she might be annoying:

    She was known less for her acting than for her figure and her publicity stunts.
    She said she would do anything to get her name into the newspapers.
    Her attempt to launch a Hollywood career based on her Cannes notoriety was thwarted when the Immigration and Naturalization Service deported her for not having a valid work permit.
    She may have died as a result of rigorous crash dieting.

Why she might not be annoying:

    Her topless appearance at Cannes was considered such hot stuff that several photographers suffered injuries in the scramble to secure the best shots.
    She posed for 'Playboy' as Salome doing the dance of the seven veils.
    She said about her attempt to boost her career by going topless, 'After all, Marilyn Monroe became famous after she posed nude for a calendar. What was the harm in it?"

Credit: C. Fishel

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