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Toronto, Ontario

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The Resume

    (March 6, 1834- )
    Located in Canada
    Largest city in Canada
    Population is larger than any U.S. city other than New York
    Capital of Ontario
    About one in every seven Canadians lives in Toronto

Why Toronto, Ontario might be annoying:

    Its a large, polluted, smog ridden city.
    There are many homeless people (up to 50,000).
    The son of former Mayor Mel Lastman sells furniture and has cheap commercials.
    Its parkings situation is horrendous.
    Lake Ontario is the dirtiest of the five great lakes because of Toronto's poor sewage system.
    They still use street cars for public transportation.

Why Toronto, Ontario might not be annoying:

    It has the largest free standing building in the world (CN tower-555 meters tall).
    Stars such as Barenaked Ladies, Our Lady Peace and Mike Myers are from Toronto.
    It is the most multicultural city in the world.
    Cab drivers are not usually crooks.

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