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The Resume

    (July 1, 1867- )
    Dominion of Canada
    Self-governing dominion (1867)
    Adopted Canadian constitution of Charter of Rights (1982)
    30 million people live in 10 provinces and 3 territories.

Why Canada might be annoying:

    Alanis Morissette and Howie Mandel were born in Canada.
    The government doesn't stand up to US pressure, and is somewhat a puppet of the U.S.
    Canadian inventor of the light bulb (Henry Woodward) sold his patent to Thomas Edison.
    All signs and packaging appears in both English and French.
    The second largest country in area, although the great majority of the land is uninhabitable.
    Maple Leaf on the flag, what is that all about?
    Only country to complain about losing the gold medal at the Olympics, and be awarded one. Not just once (Sylvia Frechette - 1992) but twice (Sale and Pelletier - 2002).
    Despite inventing the game of Ice Hockey, they went 50 years between winning Olympic gold medals in the sport (1952-2002).
    Canada is a monarchy, with Queen Elizabeth as Head of State.
    They have long winters and short summers.

Why Canada might not be annoying:

    Home of the Crash Test Dummies.
    Home to the world's tallest structure (the CN Tower) and the world's longest street (Yonge Street).
    Home to North America's oldest company. The Hudson's Bay Company (incorporated 1670).
    The drinking age is either 18 or 19.
    Canadian Armed Forces have been involved in nearly every UN peacekeeping mission.
    Canada pursues a policy of multi-culturalism.
    The UN has ranked Canada the #1 country in which to live for 7 consecutive years.
    Canadians invented rules for modern ice hockey.
    The first game of football was played in Canada (McGill vs. Harvard).
    Basketball was invented by a Canadian.
    The only foreign country to win the World Series (Toronto Blue Jays (1992, 93).
    They share the longest peaceful border with the United States.
    Best national anthem 'O Canada.'

Credit: Dustin

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