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The Resume

    (May 17, 1974- )
    Andrea Corr (May 17, 1974) lead vocalist
    Caroline Corr (March 17, 1973) vocals, drums, piano, bodhrán
    Jim Corr (July 31, 1964) keyboard, guitar, back vocals
    Sharon Corr (March 24, 1970) violin, back vocals
    Recorded 'Breathless,' 'Irresistible,' 'In Blue,' 'So Young,' 'What Can I Do?,' 'No More Cry,' 'All the Love in the World,' 'Only When I Sleep,' 'Dreams,' 'Don't Say You Love Me' and 'Intimacy'

Why they might be annoying:

    They used to cut a lot of classes at school.
    They grew up in a town that housed IRA fugitives, and Jim became a gang member.

Why they might not be annoying:

    All three sisters made FHM's sexiest list (1999).
    Manager, John Hughes, found it hard to market the Corrs, saying: 'I went into the marketplace saying, I have this Irish family band who write their own stuff and play it on whistles and fiddles and bodhráns, as well as guitars, drums and keyboards.
    The record company people looked at me with pity.
    It was like, 'They're gorgeous, I'll give you that, but it stops there...
    By the way, what the hell's a bodhrán?'.'
    Jim Corr and Sharon Corr started as a duo before bringing in their younger sisters.

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