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Jaxson De Ville

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The Resume

    (August 1996- )
    Born in Jacksonville, Florida
    Mascot for the Jacksonville Jaguars
    Anthropomorphic jaguar
    Usually wears a Jaguars jersey (number 00), shorts, black and teal sneakers, and sunglasses
    Originally portrayed by Curtis Dvorak

Why he might be annoying:

    His antics, such as stomping on a life-size effigy of Steelers QB Kordell Stewart prompted the NFL to adopt new rules banning mascots from taunting opposing players, coaches, and game officials (1998).
    At the NFL owners' meeting, a ten-minute tape was submitted to show why the new rule was necessary; nine of the minutes featured Jaxson.
    He got too close to a pyrotechnics display and set himself on fire (2008).
    He got stuck during a zipline stunt and wound up hanging by his feet over the field until he could be freed (2009).
    He stripped down to a thong for the 2010 Pro Bowl.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He is known for making dramatic entrances, such a bungee jumping from the stadium lights.
    The Jaguars' website estimates that he has hugged over 250,000 people at various events.
    He is available for weddings and bachelor parties.
    The NFL Nation blog noted, 'He's clever and edgy in a way that extends his appeal beyond people whose age is in single digits.'

Credit: C. Fishel

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