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Brandon Marshall

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Football Player

The Resume

    (March 23, 1984- )
    Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Wide receiver for the Denver Broncos (2006-2009), Miami Dolphins (2010-2011) and Chicago Bears
    Attended University of Central Florida
    Drafted as the 119th pick in the fourth round of the 2006 NFL Draft
    Participated in the 2009 Pro Bowl

Why he might be annoying:

    He's known more for his trash-talking and short-fused behavior than his on field performance.
    He was, in summary, the Lamar Odom or Ron Artest of the NFL.
    He is extremely injury prone.
    He said he slipped on a McDonalds bag and injured his arm, when he really injured his arm roughhousing with family members.
    He was arrested for assault after refusing to comply with an officer in Orlando.
    He attended the same party where late teammate Darrent Williams was killed.
    He has way TOO MANY instances of bad behavior to list on this resume!
    He and former teammate Jay Cutler demanded trades because of new head coach Josh McDaniels.
    His nickname is 'The Beast.'
    In celebration of Barack Obama's victory in the election, he planned to pull off an incident similar to the 1968 Black Power incident at the Olympics made by Tommie Smith and John Carlos.

Why he might not be annoying:

    Despite a loss to the San Diego Chargers, he caught six passes for 76 yards (December 24, 2007).
    By virtue of this, he became the fifth wide receiver in NFL history to record at least 90 receptions in his second season.
    He was named the 2005 Hawaii Bowl MVP.
    He is the only player in NFL history to record ten or more receptions in four out of five games.
    He became the ninth player in the NFL to attain 100 or more catches in two consecutive seasons.
    At least he was brave enough to express his political opinions.
    He was allegedly stabbed in the stomach by his wife (April 22, 2011).

Credit: Birdienest81

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