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The Resume

    (January 11, 1995-September 17, 2006)
    Complete name is The Warner Bros. Television Network
    Founded by Time Warner and the Tribune Company
    Shows include '7th Heaven,' 'What I Like About You,' 'Reba,' 'Smallville,' and 'Dawson's Creek'
    Nicknamed 'The Frog' after its mascot, Michigan J. Frog
    Flagship station is WPIX-11 in New York City
    Merged with UPN to form the CW (January 24, 2006)

Why WB (TV Network) might be annoying:

    It has a singing and dancing animated frog promote its shows.
    It was started as an attempt to duplicate the success of FOX (major studio airing less programming than the three major networks.)
    One of its charter shows, 'Unhappily Ever After,' is a rip-off of FOX's 'Married With Children.'
    It showed 'Blue Collar TV' which featured Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry the Cable Guy.
    Most of its shows are targeted to the teenage-girl demographic.
    One of its signature shows, 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer,' moved to UPN.
    It has a hint of self-importance considering there is a 'the' in the name of the network.

Why WB (TV Network) might not be annoying:

    It has shared a lot of kids' programming with the Cartoon Network.
    It showed the American Idol parody, 'Superstar USA.'
    It has made an effort to try to diversify its audience so it is not just for teenage girls.
    At the end of some of its shows, it promotes the artists whose songs it used in its programs.

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