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Rita MacNeil

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The Resume

    (May 28, 1944-April 16, 2013)
    Best known for the single 'Flying On Your Own'
    Made a cameo appearance on 'Trailer Park Boys' (May 2004)

Why she might be annoying:

    She is grossly obese.
    Her weight has made her the brunt of jokes by critics.
    She has a really high pitched voice.
    She was virtually unheard of until 'Flying On Your Own' made it to the mainstream music charts in 1987.
    She'll always be remembered for her physical appearance then for her music.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She has a good sense of humor.
    She doesn't take offense at jokes made about her weight.
    She owns a tea house in her hometown on Cape Breton Island.
    She sang the Canadian national anthem at the 1993 World Series.
    She hosted a popular variety show on CBC in the mid 90's.
    She has been appointed to both the Order of Canada and the Order of Nova Scotia.

Credit: Ricky

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