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Delta Goodrem

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The Resume

    (November 9, 1984- )
    Recorded 'I Don't Care'
    Portrays Nina on 'Neighbours'
    Dates tennis pro Mark Philippoussis

Why she might be annoying:

    She said: 'My bad habit is sleeping in. I'm not the friendliest of people to wake up in the morning, it's pretty scary.'
    She did an American commercial for Galoob Toys when she was seven.
    She prefers to wear big baggy jeans.
    She shares her name with an American airline.
    Mark Philippoussis's coach blamed her for Mark's fourth round loss at the Austrailian Open (January 2004).

Why she might not be annoying:

    She began playing piano at eight.
    She began writing songs at twelve.
    She recorded the demo CD at thirteen and released her first single at sixteen.
    She enjoys skiing and playing basketball.
    Her favorite drink is Hot Chocolate with marshmallows.
    She likes '60s fantasy TV like 'Bewitched' and 'I Dream of Genie.'
    She was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma (2003).

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