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Fidel Ramos

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World Leader

The Resume

    (March 18, 1928-July 31, 2022)
    Graduated from numerous institutions including West Point
    Served for 40 years in the Philippines Armed Forces (1951-1991)
    During that time was Army Chief of Staff (1986-1988)
    Fought in the Korean and Vietnam wars
    Appointed Secretary of Defense by Corazon Aquino (1988-1992)
    President of the Philippines (1992-1998)
    Married with 5 daughters

Why he might be annoying:

    He was a cousin of dictator Ferdinand Marcos.
    He was head of the Philippine Constabulary in the 70s; that agency has been accused of human rights abuses.
    The presidential election had 7-candidates; he won with 24% of the vote.
    He sometimes favored military officers in appointments to government positions.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He shrank the size of government.
    He switched sides in 1986 to the pro-democracy movement and has been a loyal supporter of it ever since.
    During his administration, he fought communists and Islamic separatists.
    He reformed the police force.
    The economy of the Philippines improved dramatically under his administration.
    He maintained consistently high approval ratings during his presidency.
    He blocked six attempts by the military to topple the new Philippine government.

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