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Jack Hanna

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Animal Expert

The Resume

    (January 2, 1947- )
    Director of the Columbus Zoo (1978- )
    Host of ‘Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures’
    Frequent guest on ‘Good Morning America,’ ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ and ‘Larry King Live’
    Author of ‘Monkeys on the Interstate’

Why he might be annoying:

    His nickname is ‘Jungle Jack’ and his merchandise can be purchased in the ‘Jungle Store.’
    He was sued on two occasions after animals he was handling attacked small children.
    A fox he brought onto the ‘Good Morning America’ set bit co-host Charles Gibson.
    He is the target of frequent criticism from animal rights activists, including PeTA.
    His prominent tan rivals that of actor George Hamilton.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He is an outspoken conservationist who raises money for zoos and science centers.
    He authored a series of educational children’s books on exotic and endangered animals.
    He helped turn the Columbus Zoo into one of the most reputable zoos in the US.
    He supports several charities, including the Leukemia Society and Easter Seals.
    He was named as one of ‘People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People (1996).’

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