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101st Airborne Division

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Military Personnel

The Resume

    (August 16, 1942- )
    Formed at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana
    Based at Fort Campbell, Kentucky
    Nicknamed 'The Screaming Eagles'
    Currently the only air assault division in the world
    Saw first action on D-Day (June 6, 1942)
    Served in France, Holland and Germany during World War II
    Served in the Vietnam war
    Served in Saudi Arabia and Iraq during Desert Storm/Gulf War
    Served in Laos, Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Cambodia and Iraq

Why they might be annoying:

    When in action many of the troops sport mohawks.
    While occupying Hitler's fortress 'The Eagles Nest,' many of the former dictator's possessions went missing (no one seemed to mind).

Why they might not be annoying:

    They gave selflessly, not only for their country but for the world.
    They distinguished themselves in many of America's toughest operations and battles, including D-Day, Market Garden, Operation Pegasus, The battle of the Bulge, Desert storm & even in the recent operations to liberate Iraq.
    Their job is to dive behind enemy lines and they do so bravely.
    They were one of the first Divisions of Allied soldiers to enter Germany in WW II.
    They suffered higher casualty rates than any other division in WW II.
    They participated in 15 campaigns during the Vietnam war.
    In the Gulf war the 101st sustained no soldiers killed in action and captured thousands of enemy prisoners of war.
    101st soldiers have supported humanitarian relief efforts in Rwanda and Somalia, then later supplied peacekeepers to Haiti and Bosnia.
    They Currently hold 22 National Medals of honour and many other bravery awards.
    Jimi Hendrix was a member of the unit.

Credit: Fandango

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