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Steve Harvey

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The Resume

    (November 23, 1956- )
    Star of 'Showtime at the Apollo'
    Host of 'Family Feud,' 'The Steve Harvey Show' and 'Steve Harvey's Big Time'
    Appeared in 'You Got Served' and 'Johnson Family Vacation'
    One of Spike Lee's 'Original Kings of Comedy'
    Host of the #1 morning radio show in Los Angeles

Why he might be annoying:

    He is divorced.
    He is the national spokesperson for Burger King.
    He appeared in the box office bomb 'You Got Served (2004).'
    Hosting the Miss Universe Pageant, he accidentally declared Miss Colombia as the winner (she was 1st runner up) instead of Miss Philippines (December 20, 2015).

Why he might not be annoying:

    He is considered one of the most hard-working comedians in Hollywood.
    He was one of the black Comedians who was outraged and outspoken that OJ was found innocent.
    He did a public service announcement pushing for younger people to register and vote.
    He was the NAACP Image Award's Entertainer of the Year for three unprecedented years in a row.

Credit: Ratman

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