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Nancy Crampton-Brophy

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The Resume

    (June 16, 1950- )
    Born in Wichita Falls, Texas
    Birth name is Nancy Lee Crampton
    Aspiring romance novelist
    Resided in Portland, Oregon
    Shot and killed her husband, chef Daniel Brophy, at his place of work on June 2, 2018
    Found guilty of second-degree murder (May 25, 2022)
    Famously penned an online essay titled 'How to Murder Your Husband'

Why she might be annoying:

    She has delusions of grandeur.
    She self-published all of her novels (a series of books that included 'The Wrong Hero,' 'The Wrong Brother,' 'The Wrong Cop,' 'The Wrong Lover' and ironically 'The Wrong Husband').
    She was extravagant and spent her husband Dan's money recklessly - driving them into debt.
    She got cocky and thought she could mastermind 'the perfect murder' (while making several amateur mistakes in the process).
    She went around claiming that her husband had been murdered by a homeless man in a robbery gone wrong.
    She tried to get the police to believe that someone in a nearby homeless encampment had been bragging about killing Dan and was the culprit.
    When she was discovered by the police to have purchased an untraceable 'ghost gun' online, she tried to explain it away as research for a book she was writing.
    When she was asked to produce writing transcripts to prove the existence of such a book, she claimed her writing process was so internalized that she didn't have any.
    After being arrested on suspicion of the murder, she allegedly bragged to a cellmate about shooting Dan at point blank range (the cellmate later testified against her).
    She cockily took the stand in her own defense during her murder trial.
    The testimony was a disaster, with her laughing at inappropriate times and coming off as bizarrely callous, unfeeling, and nonchalant.
    When her lawyer asked her to name what she loved most about Dan, she answered. 'He loved ME! And if that isn't a big number one item, I don't know what is!' (Narcissist much?)

Why she might not be annoying:

    She was a middle child and her first husband was a police officer.
    Her novels usually had sexy models on the cover art.
    She once hosted a book signing event for her novels and nobody showed up.
    She ran a catering business for several years that went under in 2001.
    She lost several relatives to natural causes between the time of Dan's murder and her arrest.
    She professed to be in favor of stricter gun control measures (discounting the whole 'shooting your husband with an untraceable gun' thing).
    Her unusual crime and trial testimony has provided fodder for countless burgeoning YouTube crime channels.
    She inadvertently drew attention to how beloved Dan Brophy was in his community (he taught at a local culinary institute and his murder was a crushing blow to everyone there).

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