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The Resume

    (1996- )
    Formed in London (University College)
    Guy Berryman (Bass)
    Johnny Buckland (Lead Guitar)
    Will Champion (Drums)
    Chris Martin (Lead Vocalist/ Guitarist)
    Albums include 'Parachutes,' 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head'
    Recorded 'Yellow,''Trouble,' 'Spies,' 'Brothers And Sisters,' 'Don’t Panic,' 'In My Place,' and 'Clocks'

Why they might be annoying:

    Chris Martin, a big worrier, sometimes sounds nasal while singing.
    They cancelled their European tour dates to tour in the United States when 'Yellow' became such a big hit.
    Guy Berryman, a Scotland native, dropped out of engineering school upon joining the band.
    Many European fans may have been let down.
    They ended up cancelling the tail end of their United States dates due to an illness.

Why they might not be annoying:

    'Yellow' was at the top of the charts in the United States and United Kingdom.
    Chris Martin still lives at home and has always been an over-achiever.
    Will Champion entertains with impressions.
    Johnny Buckland and Chris Martin didn't give up their educations for the band.
    Guy Berryman is inspired by rare groove/funk records.
    Although making it big, they continue to play in clubs, not just arenas and such.
    They have been compared to Radiohead and Oasis.
    They have been described as decent, passionate and rendering with charming personas.
    They were 'Band of the Year' in England (2000).
    They played at New York's Roseland Ballroom after having cancelled the first date due to illness.
    They were musical guest on 'Saturday Night Live' in New York City.
    They always try to make up for any cancelled dates and seem to be loyal to their fans.

Credit: Jar Jar Binx

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