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Benjamin Netanyahu

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World Leader

The Resume

    (October 21, 1949- )
    Spent his high school years in the United States
    UN Israeli Ambassador
    Prime Minister of Israel (1996-1999; re-elected in 2009, 2013, 2015)

Why he might be annoying:

    He signed the 1998 Wye River peace accord with the Palestinians, something he now rejects.
    He smokes cigars (he prefers Cubans, but switched to Dominican to please the U.S.) and lit himself on fire with one at a press conference (May 2005).
    His cigar tab cost the Israeli taxpayers almost $40,000 a year.
    He was married three times.
    He hired a American right-wing politician to run his campaign.
    He moved further to the right after leaving office.
    He allegedly took bribes and kept gifts that belonged to Israel.
    He said he would never compromise on the issue of land for peace, then he did under U.S. pressure.
    His friends call him 'Bibi' for short.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He asked for the deportation of Yasser Arafat several times.
    His failures as prime minister are attributed more to his lack of political experience than to his capabilities.
    He studied political science at Harvard and MIT.
    He was the first Israeli prime minister to be born after the creation of Israel.
    The charges of corruption and bribery were dropped.
    His approach to peace negotiations was, 'If they'll give, they'll get. If they won't give - they won't get.'
    His brother, Yoni, was the only Israeli fatality, in the Raid on Entebbe. He was killed in the rescue of hijacked El Al passengers in Uganda (1976).
    He became the second Prime Minister of Israel to be elected to a third term (January 22, 2013).

Credit: Captain Howdy

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