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Courtney Love

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The Resume

    (July 9, 1964- )
    Born in San Francisco, California
    Birth name is Love Michelle Harrison
    Front woman for the rock group 'Hole'
    Co-starred in 'The People vs. Larry Flynt' and 'Man on the Moon'
    Widow of Kurt Cobain
    Mother of daughter, Frances Bean Cobain (August 18, 1992)

Why she might be annoying:

    She admitted to taking heroin while pregnant.
    She has been in and out of drug rehab.
    She overdosed on heroin (1996).
    She suffers from depression.
    She smokes.
    She propelled her career by hanging around famous men.
    She suffers with anxiety.
    She had breast implants, removed them and put them in again.
    She criticized Fiona Apple for making a music video in her underwear, forgetting that she did the same.
    She donated some Kurt Cobain memorabilia to the Rock and Roll Hall or Fame and demanded it back when they did not pay tribute to some of her favorite rock stars.
    She has a fairy with two hearts tattooed on her back, the letter 'K' above her navel and an ankle tattoo.
    She ranked #2 in 1995, #5 in 1998 and #8 in 2000 on Mr. Blackwell's Worst Dress List.
    She was arrested for breaking her neighbor's windows in the middle of the night and later overdosed on a 'controlled substance' (October 3, 2003).
    Attempting to flatter herself, she told Us Weekly that Madonna steals all of her workers, including her stylists.
    She lost her daughter at the 2004 Grammy Awards.
    She became a fugitive when she skipped a court hearing for her drug possession charges (February 12, 2004).
    She imitated Drew Barrymore's routine of exposing her breasts to David Letterman (March 17, 2004).
    She was arrested after allegedly throwing a microphone stand into the audience, injuring a fan (March 18, 2004). (Conflicting reports suggest that she didn't throw anything into the crowd).
    She was issued a bench warrant for not showing up at a California court, but later that day she was hospitalized in New York City for an unspecified gynaecological problem (July 9, 2004).
    She lost custody of Frances Bean in 2003 and 2009.
    She claimed in a Twitter post that her daughter had become involved with Kurt Cobain's former bandmate Dave Grohl, a rumor denied by both parties. (April 14)

Why she might not be annoying:

    She has been influential to many female rock bands.
    A stalker tried to run her over (but only got her foot).
    An internet gossip site reported that she stripped down to a g-string and danced around for the football-player types during the shooting of her music video 'Be A Man.'
    She apologized to her daughter about the Dave Grohl rumor in a Twitter post.

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