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Alan Myerson

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The Resume

Why he might be annoying:

    His birthdate is disputed (its sometimes listed as August 8, 1936 - including on IMDb).
    He directed the FTA Tour as a response to Bob Hope's USO Tours during the Vietnam War (abbreviated, it stood for 'Free the Army' - although it was also understood as the common expression 'Fuck the Army').
    He feuded with FTA members Nina Serrano and Francine Parker - whom he accused of feeding Jane Fonda 'more favorable lines' to insert into the script on the set of Steelyard Blues.
    He was fired from the FTA by Donald Sutherland and Jane Fonda over his 'bad politics,' which Fonda deemed 'Trotskyite.'
    Myerson responded by saying that Fonda 'only understood ideology; she lacked humanity.' The experience was the deciding factor in his choosing to focus mainly on television.
    His last major film directing credit was the forgettable 'Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami Beach.'

Why he might not be annoying:

    He has directed over 200 television episodes.
    He relocated from Scotland to the US, where he found work in theater, including the famed Second City troupe.
    He started The Committee after he and his wife (a Second City alum) relocated to San Francisco.
    He and his wife were both cast in Tom Laughlin's counterculture film 'Billy Jack' in 1971, which was a surprise hit and boosted his and The Committee's visibility.
    His profile rose during the 1990s when he directed popular shows like Baywatch, Friends, and NewsRadio.
    He was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Directing for the 'Ellen or Isn't She' episode of the Larry Sanders Show.
    He was nominated in 1995 for a CableACE Awards in the Directing a Comedy Series for The Larry Sanders Show.

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