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Margaret Whitton

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The Resume

    (November 30, 1949-December 4, 2016)
    Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Acted in 'Love Child' (1982), 'The Best of Times' (1986), 'The Secret of My Succe$s' (1987) and 'The Man Without A Face' (1993)
    Best known as Rachel Phelps in 'Major League' (1989) and 'Major League II' (1994)

Why she might be annoying:

    After her role as Rachel Phelps, she was typecast playing bitchy characters.
    She acted in many substandard made for TV movies.
    She used the moniker 'Peggy Whitton' before using her actual name when she began acting in movies.
    She gave up her acting career following the release of Major League II.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She successfully protested to the filmmakers of 'Major League' not to change her character's bitchiness in the ending.
    She was a Broadway actress prior to pursuing a film career.
    She was able to shed her bitchy stereotype for her role in 'Good and Evil.'

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